Welcome to the CHOP-fMRU website.

Click HERE to download the latest version of the MRU Software.

Latest version is 05/03/2011. If you have software prior to this date, it is recommended you download from the above link.

CHOP MRU Protocol (Siemens) - Download

Cincinnati Children's Hospital MRU Protocol (GE) - Download

Philips 3T Ingenia MRU protocol - University of Michigan CS Mott Children´┐Żs Hospital - Download

Please download IDL Virtual machine for free from www.exelisvis.com Select the 32-bit version even if you are running a 64-bit operating system. ITTVIS has a new policy. You must email them prior to downloading IDL Virtual Machine at support@ittvis.com. Without emailing first, you will be unable to access the download page. It is still free though!

You may also download an older version of IDL Virtual machine from here. This is version 6.3 for 32-bit windows. Tested and works on windows xp, vista 32 and 64, windows 7 32 and 64.

CHOP fMRU runs on Windows, MAC and Linux platforms. It is compatible with any standard DICOM dynamic images, not limited to Siemens and GE.

If you have questions about using the software, you may contact me via email

khrichenko (at) email (dot) chop (dot)edu